Important COVID-19 Information for Real Estate

There are many real estate companies/agents who continue to ask questions about the Governor’s Emergency Executive Order.  NVBR wants to be clear with all members that at this point in time real estate services are not considered essential.  Real estate services failed to get essential business status, which means that Realtors® are to work from home and suspend all in-person services.

Further guidance is provided by the Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD)which states:

Real Estate
Real estate sales and brokerage firms must suspend in-person operations under the Governor’s Executive Order. Real estate functions that can be conducted online, by phone or email can continue. And as previously directed by the Governor, employees should be working remotely. Property appraisals, inspections, title services and other activities that require in-person business are not permitted during the term of the Executive Order.

NVBR appreciates that Realtors® are trying to be creative to continue their business dealings, but any attempt to show homes, visit vacant properties, take photos or videos, or any other activity involving a Realtor® being out in the community, directly violates the Emergency Executive Orders.  Those orders allow people to be out for a limited number of reasons.  Knowingly violating a law may be potential grounds for unprofessional conduct.

Just as important, disregard for the Executive Order is in violation of the Realtor® Code of Ethics which Members vow:

  1. Duties to Clients and Customers
  2. Duties to the Public and
  3. Duties to Realtors®

Members must maintain the standards of their profession and share with their fellow Realtors® a common responsibility for its integrity and honor.

To seek an unfair competitive advantage during this time of crisis and imposed restrictions is unfair to licensees and consumers alike.  NVBR asks all members to adhere to the Governor’s Executive Order as we continue to work with the Scott Administration to gain essential service recognition.

Thank you for your patience during these difficult and unprecedented times.